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My "no top coat" wraps are being pulled back. What am I doing wrong with the application?

The "No Top Coat" nail wraps have an integrated top coat and these wraps do not need a UV lamp.

This has advantages for all those customers who cannot use our proven HEMA-free UV wraps due to allergies. They are ideal for the perfect manicure while traveling - whether on vacation or in business - because you only need a manicure stick to press it down and a small pair of scissors and a file to shorten it.

To avoid retraction of the air-drying films, we recommend the following application instructions:

  • Prepare your nails especially thoroughly and make sure that there are no cuticle residues, grease or filing dust on your nails.

  • Unlike normal wraps, you can process these wraps almost borderless, since they do not have to be sealed separately. So first check whether you want to use your usual nail wrap size or even choose a number larger

  • Blow dry them a bit if needed to make them a little more snug.

  • Cut the wraps back a little after application, but leave a few millimeters of margin and bend it over.

  • Press everything well with the manicure stick.

  • Wait a few minutes before you start filing so that the wrap can dry a little. It is recommended to let the wraps dry overnight.

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