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You always wanted to try the trendy "Glazed Donut" on your nails?

What are you waiting for? In our store you will find everything you need.

Many celebrities show perfectly painted Pearl nails in recent weeks. They wear a delicate shimmer that looks like icing on a pink donut - hence the name "Glazed Donut".

How do you get that delicate pearl shimmer perfect, without annoying streaks and without thick layers of polish on your nails? Forget all the pearl top coats - instead, try the nail foils from our product category "Glazed Donut Nails". In this category you will find different types of nail foils for your perfect "Glazed Donut Look".

For one thing, you can get our exclusive "Mermaid Skin" wrap there - it is

semi-transparent and can be perfectly combined with any of your desired colors.

The UV Mermaid series, on the other hand, impresses with its light holo effect. As a result they even shimmer in various shades of mother-of-pearl in the sunlight. These UV films are also semi-transparent, but cover a little more than our "Mermaid Skin", so you can wear them solo without any problems.

Our Bride Chameleons are really noble.

These are particularly delicate, so with a little skill, you can even remove the protruding remains completely without a file, only with the help of your nails... so simply "Knick & Go".

We also coated the "Shades of Pink" with the "Glazed Donut" effect. And so

the most beautiful "cotton candy" look was created as a no-top-coat wrap. This sweet

temptation can be found under the name "Shades of Cotton Candy".

It is the ideal

companion for your most beautiful day in life.

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