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Which nail wrap can I use to get a more durable manicure and stronger nails?

If you place particular value on long durability, then we recommend our UV gel wraps. They consist of HEMA-free semi-cured gel in nail studio quality. Therefore they last up to 30 days. For processing you need a UV lamp. You can get this separately in our store.

The application of the UV wraps is very simple. The package already contains everything you need:

- the UV gel wraps in a light-proof packaging,

- a small file and

- a manicure stick.

Our UV lamp (sold separately) is so handy that it fits in any handbag. UV gel wraps are the ideal companions for on the go, so you can quickly get beautiful nails even when traveling or in business. Even the optical extension of your natural nails by up to 1mm or the repair of a torn fingernail is easily possible with UV gel foils.

In contrast to conventional nail foils, UV gel wraps stick not only through the adhesive layer. They also adhere through the hardening of the gel. Therefore, you usually do not need to use an extra base coat, but can apply the foils directly to the prepared nail.

The UV gel nail wraps are available in different sizes:

- in the 20-pack with sizes from 8.5-16.3 mm at 24 mm length - this variant is slightly thicker and therefore particularly stable, so you can strengthen your nails well.

- in the 24-pack (18 base wraps and 6 accent foils) with sizes of 8.5-16 mm at 22 mm length - this variant is slightly thinner, but therefore easier to work with.

- Pack of 32 wraps especially for toenails.

We recommend the following tips for processing:

- work only under artificial light,

- fix each wrap individually by curing it for 10 seconds directly after application,

- choose the curing time depending on the strength of your lamp.

- the darker the color, the longer you should cure (for our lamp we recommend between 90-120 seconds, depending on the type of UV film),

- file your UV gel wraps only when you have cured them all completely.

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