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The ultimate tip for repairing torn nails!

Are you sometimes annoyed by torn fingernails? Do you torture yourself

with nail glue? Or do you end up cutting off your nail in frustration?

That's over now! I show you the fastest method to repair a cracked fingernail!

repair! All you need are our UV gel nail wraps and a UV/LED lamp (also available in our shop).

lamp (also available in our store) and the following instructions:

Step 1: First choose a UV gel nail foil in the color of your choice from our

store. Don't worry - our UV gel nail wraps are all HEMA-free and therefore usable

for sensitive persons without any problems.

Step 2: If necessary, smooth the crack lightly with a file, so that no burrs can come out of the crack.

protrudes from the crack. Everything should be even and dust-free.

Step 3: You can apply a BaseCoat if necessary for sensitive nails. Let

it dry first. If you do not use a BaseCoat, then degrease the nails thoroughly

degrease the nails before the next step.

Step 4: Now apply the UV gel nail foil, place the foil well around the tip and

press everything well.

Step 5: Now cure the wraps for 2 minutes under our UV LED lamp.

Afterward, you can easily file off any excess with a nail file. Now the

nail is already super stable and the crack is repaired. Done!

Step 6: Optionally - for even stronger protection - simply use a UV TopCoat from our shop.

our store.

First apply the UV-BaseCoat on the nail foil, so that the UV-TopCoat adheres better.

adheres better. Dry this BaseCoat under our UV LED lamp. It forms a slightly

sticky layer. This is necessary so that the TopCoat adheres well later. Then apply the

UV TopCoat and cure everything well. The instructions with the curing times

suitable for our lamp can be found in our store directly at the UV varnishes.

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