So you always have a steady hand when sticking nail wraps!

Do you sometimes have problems with the application of the nail wraps because you do not have a steady hand? Here come my ultimate tips for you, how you keep a steady hand

and so you can apply more correctly:

Each of us has a strong and a weak hand (right-handed/left-handed).

It makes sense to work with the weaker hand in the beginning. Why? Especially at the beginning of the work, the hands are still calm. This makes it easier for you to start with the less practiced hand. The more you progress with the application and the more you have to concentrate, the more important it is to have a steady hand. Use the strong hand at the end! This trick makes sticking on much easier.

First, think about which fingernails you want to use to remove the protective film from the nail wraps. These two fingers always come last (e.g. the thumbs).

Start with the smallest fingernail on yo