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"No Top Coat" quality! What does that mean for you?

Exclusive is not good enough for us. That's why you get some of our designs in the new, improved "No Top Coat" quality. What does that mean for you?

The "No Top Coat" nail foils have an integrated top coat and thus an incredibly beautiful shine. Particularly glitter particles come into their own much better.

For the production we use, as with our classic nail wraps, only pressed nail polish. This is also suitable for pregnant women and of course non-toxic. This varnish is processed into a film in over 30 wafer-thin pressed layers. This makes the wraps - and thus your nails - much more stable. It can be applied without wrinkles and has a gel look, like from the nail salon.

100% Nail Polish wraps

No Top Coat Wraps

need 15 processes in production

need 35 processes in production

Glossy top coat print process: 5 times

Glossy top coat print process: 15 times

air dry

air dry

These foils do not need a UV lamp. This has advantages for all those customers who cannot use our proven HEMA-free UV wraps due to allergies. They are ideal for the perfect manicure while traveling - whether on vacation or in business - because you only need a manicure stick for pressing and a small pair of scissors and a file for shortening.

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